Thursday, May 5, 2016

Comics this week

Bloodlines #2- In the debut issue, Bloodlines looked like pretty standard fare till the end when the blood and death came into play. Ditto for this issue, except the blood and death in this issue is much much worse. I mean wow! I must give credit to artist V. Ken Marion. The scene in question was disturbing as hell but it wasn’t tasteless or exploitative. He did great on that scene. Can’t wait to see where writer J. T Krul is going with this series.

Moon Knight #2- Throughout the character’s history, Marc Spector's sanity has often been questioned. Writer Jeff Lemire took that and ran with it in the debut. In this issue however, he make it plain that Marc isn’t mad; he just involved in a war among gods. I think this may be a good way for this series to go. The mystic aspect of Moon Knight is often overlooked and going this route may differentiate this series from the previous Moon Knight series which is a good thing. Let’s see…

Spider-Gwen #8- I have been generally in favor of the Spider-Women crossover. The crossover has given us good character moments between the 3 main characters but after every high, there must come a low. This issue is the low. Despite being an issue in Spider-Gwen, the main character here is Silk and Cindy Moon’s counterpart in Earth-65. Writer Jason Latour tried to up the stakes by making Cindy-65 the reason for Spider-Gwen but it just didn’t work. Cindy-65 is just too new and too unknown of a character for it to work. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Clinton vs Trump

It’s over but for the celebration. Barring a miracle, the U.S Presidential contest will be between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The nomination of Hillary Clinton was widely expected, but Donald Trump? What the hell are the Americans thinking? Okay…what the hell are the Republicans thinking? Don’t they want to win in November?  Trump got the nomination by insulting every demographic group generally not in the Republican Party and now, he is going to win in November? Not likely.

Yes, a lot will depend on whether Trump can do a 180 to get the votes of Americans in the center but can he do that in 6 months when he has been insulting people for the past 2 years? Not likely. So I have to ask; what the hell are the Republicans thinking?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Magic Of Football

That’s it! They’ve done it. Following Tottenham's failure to beat Chelsea on Monday, Leicester City has been crowned Premier League champions for the first time in their history.

This is a fairy-tale ending to an unbelievable season. Leicester City was given odds of 5000-1 to win the title by British bookmakers at the start of the season and back then, no one complained about the odds. They had only narrowly escaped relegation last season, and many had tipped them as relegation candidate this season as well. Show what we know right?

Not only that, Leicester City won the title by going old-school. This is a football era dominated by ball possession, but manger Claudio Ranieri has Leicester City going the direct route. Backed by a strong defence, Ranieri got his team going forward quickly on the counter the moment they get the ball and the tactics has paid handsome dividends.

Still, I do think this is a one-off thing for the underdogs. Chances are Leicester City will be back near the bottom next season. For now though, let’s enjoy this. Let’s enjoy the magic that’s football. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Treasures of the World

I’m not really a fan of museums but at the National Museum of Singapore right now, there is an exhibition from the British Museum in London that showcase the artifacts and relics from ancient civilizations. There are treasures from Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas, some of which are thousands of years old. Since it's free for Singaporeans, I might as well go take a look right? So here they are; the “Treasures of the World”.

Friday, April 29, 2016

WoT TV Series

After a long legal battle that took forever, a Wheel of Time adaptation is in the works. Harriet McDougal, widow of writer Robert Jordan, announced that Wheel of Time TV series is indeed in the works.

One of the most recognizable and popular fantasy series of all time, Wheel of Time is a massive epic that tells the story of Rand Al’ Thor, the Dragon Reborn, and his quest to stop the Dark One. No word yet on who got the series or when it will be shown, but with a sprawling cast of characters and Rand going mad halfway through the story, I am hopeful it will be as good (if not better) as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

In fact, this announcement coming so soon after it was announced Game of Thrones is ending may be a sign, but that could just be me. I just hope whoever gets it don’t screw it up. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Comics this week

Justice League #49- The "Darkseid War" is one of the best JL story ever and as we are now one issue from its conclusion, writer Geoff Johns is setting things up. As a setup issue, this was one eventful issue. The Justice League and Crime Syndicate come together, Lex Luthor uses his new godlike powers to try to stop Mobius, Mister Miracle and Big Barda has a “moment” that will changed everything in their relationship, Grail return to the battlefield with her mother, and Superwoman’s baby finally arrives. A lot happen in this issue, almost too much, but considering how great this story is, an average issue is to be expected.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6- I admit; I only intend to collect Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur till the end of the first story arc. Now that it arrived, I have to say I’m in a mind to continue with this series. Writers Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder put together a charming tale of a budding super mad scientist with a pet red dinosaurs, and now they are going to add in the Inhuman element into the story. I don’t know. Wacky inventions, dinosaurs, disapproving parents, and now superpowers. This series is just so promising... 

Ms. Marvel #6- Ms. Marvel has been a fun series, but this issue is just laugh out loud funny. Writer G. Willow Wilson gives artist Nico Leon a lot of chances to tickle our funny bone this issue and he do not disappoint. A page with dinosaurs, a giant Kamala, countless regular-sized Kamala, and Loki on a floating cloud? It was hilarious! More, more, more! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Straight Fight

It is set. The Bukit Batok by-election on 7 May will be a straight fight between People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Murali Pillai and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan. No other candidates will be contesting. 

However I don't think it will make any difference. I know the PAP do not have the best track record in by-elections but I will be very surprise if the PAP lose this one. Before David Ong had to resign due to his affair, he won the Bukit Batok seat handsomely with over 70% of the votes in the 2015 General Election. It's hard to imagined the SDP overcoming that number even with the "by-election effect".

Yes, Chee Soon Juan has a chance but it's a slim one and I think everyone knows it. Guess we'll find out on 7 May.