Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comics this week

Guardians of the Galaxy #6- The 'Secret Invasion' tie-in issue continue...and continue and continue. Luckily, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning end the torture this week as Comos put the beatdown on everyone. The Skrulls are totally ignored again (thank God) and the the closing pages bring Starlord's secret out into the open. Can't wait for the team to start hitting one another.

Street Fighter II Turbo #1- Although not a big SF fan, I was very impressed with the old SF series by Udon. Udon's Street Fighter comics had my interest as they were good solid series which had tried to expand the SF story, the good artwork helped as well. For some reason which I still don't understand, the series went on a publishing hiatus. With the release of Street Fighter IV however, Udon is trying to strike gold again as they will release three new SF titles. Street Fighter II Turbo is the first of these three. #1 is basically a new set-up issue for all the new readers out there. For old readers like was disappointing. The artwork is there, the story was serviceable but this issue did nothing I haven't seen before. An enjoyable issue to be sure, but Udon will has to do better if they want me to collect SF again.

Stormwatch #15- I don't know what's more surprising; the fact that Wildstorm actually kept to their publishing schedule, or that it took so long for a joke at Jackson King's stupid beard. This issue try to move things along for Stormwatch as various plots get started. We see what the High has been doing (trying to save the world one life at a time) and how old-world politics is still affecting the new post-Number of the Beast world. I'm very interested in the High story. He was one of the greatest heroes in the last century, but what role can he have in this new century when he should have been dead already? Interesting

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