Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Even dogs...

After killing human babies with their reckless pursuit of profits, Chinese companies has now reached a new low. It is reported that about 1,500 dogs have died after eating feed tainted with melamine, the same chemical that tainted products that caused kidney stones problems in tens of thousands of Chinese children and led to the deaths of four infants.

As if human babies aren’t enough, dogs are also dying in China due to bad products. Just how bad is the situation in China when even dogs are getting killed by bad food. The worse thing is that these raccoon dog, who were bred for their fur, died of kidney failure; the same problem that affect those babies! Even a lion cub and two baby orangutans from a zoo near Shanghai are affected. The 3 baby animals were discovered to have developed kidney stones last month after they had been nursed for more than a year with milk powder made by the Sanlu Group, the company in the center of the tainted milk crisis.

It seems that China just cannot learn any lessons on these scandals. Just last year, there was an uproar over a Chinese-made pet food ingredient containing melamine that was linked to the deaths of dozens of pets in the United States. Then the human babies, and now this! No more China-made food products for me.

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