Thursday, August 4, 2011

PAP Vote Spilt

The wait is over and the date has been announced. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced 17 August as Nomination Day for the Presidential Election with Polling Day set on 27 August.

With at least 4 Presidential hopefuls this time, this Presidential Election is set to be the most hotly contested in Singapore’s history. Now everyone, including me, fully expects Dr Tony Tan to win the election but there will be a question of how big of a win he will get. 3 of the 4 Presidential hopefuls are former members of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) with only Mr. Tan Jee Say being the sole opposition candidate. Yes, I know the candidates are not supposed to have any party affiliations but everyone who see Dr Tony Tan is going to think PAP.

Frankly, that’s a problem. Right now, there are 3 different PAP candidates in the election and 2 of them were in Parliament on a PAP ticket. There had been murmuring about how the PAP votes are going to be spilt between the 3 candidates and I don’t think that’s idle talk. Dr Tony Tan is still the overwhelming favourite but I’ll be very surprised if he get an overwhelming victory margin.


Anonymous said...

It's not 'pau chiak'.
A vote for TT is a vote for the PAP. TT may be a vast improvement over Nathan in terms of PAP PR. But wait long long if you think he will side the people when the chips are down - one phone call from LKY or LHL is all you need for TT to know what to do. Maybe not even a phone call, just a wink or a cough would send the desired signal for TT to 'behave'.

Anonymous said...

dont need a wink or a cough. TT has been there and done that. he Knows what to do.

also, he may be nice now, but we all know about promises made Before an election and behaviour After an election.

we'r right in the midst of seeing the turnaround after the last GE. before, its yes, we'll control immigration; now, it's we Must have more pple...

the question is, how many times can u be conned?

Ghost said...

I'm not too sure about behaviour before and after the election will have any bearing because...well, the way the PAP is saying it, the winner can't do anything.