Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Sensitive For Our Own Good

A man in Singapore, Mr. Alex Chang, left a comment on Facebook last week complaining about a McDonald's outlet in Singapore which played Muslim prayers during dinner time for Muslim customers breaking their fast. Two thing;

First off, people really should have better sense than to speak about religion on social media.

Second; what’s the big deal? I can’t see what the big deal is with prayers being played at a McDonald outlet. I mean if I go into a McDonald outlet and they want to play music over the radio in their own outlet, no matter how lousy the music is, you won’t see me walking out.

I mean who cares what they play over their radio? As of the music being Muslim prayers…again so what? I ignored Christian songs during Christmas, “Gong Xi” songs during Chinese New Year, Singapore songs during National Day etc; so why not just ignored the Muslim prayers?

There's no need to be so sensitive, I mean it’s even in a language most Singaporeans can’t understand! Whatever happened to the good old-fashion tactic of just ignoring things around you?

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