Monday, October 3, 2011

Allergic To The Truth

A report I read a few weeks ago complain that Americans are about the only people in the world who refused to accept the fact that the world is warming. The report said that Americans were “allergic to the concept of global warming”.

Americans should just take a look north of them into Canada as global warming as done a number on the ice shelves there. This summer 2 ice shelves that existed for thousands of years has diminished significantly with one almost disappearing altogether. Canadian scientists using satellite imagery said that the ice shelves has been steadily disappearing for years but this is the first time in thousands of years that one has almost disappear completely.

The loss of the ice shelves isn’t just a problem for scientists. Floating icebergs that have broken free of the ice shelves are posing a danger to offshore oil facilities and the shipping lanes in the area. In the long run, the disappearing ice shelves will also change the look of the Canadian coastline.

To anyone who still thinks that there’s no such thing as global warming, I don’t think you are “allergic to the concept of global warming”; I think you are “allergic to the truth”.


Gar said...

Read this. The hottest time in recorded earth history happened sometime between 4500 and 7000 years ago. Long before the industrial revolution.

I don't know about "most Americans", but the ones I talk to believe, without a doubt, that the globe is warming. What they don't believe is all the hype that man is causing it, or, for that matter, has significant control over it.

Having said all of that, I'm all for decreasing our carbon footprint. That stuff stinks.

Ghost said...

Having read the article Gar, I have to say it is a little misleading.
The report seem to factor in the temperature from the last Ice Age till now. I find that misleading because that’s a difference of 18,000 years. Using the rise of temperatures from the Ice Age till now seem very silly to me because it was the Ice Age. It is a given that temperatures has increased since the last Ice Age. Using the Ice Age as a guide that the rise of temperatures in recent decades is not due to man seem ridiculous to me. If we go back even further to hundreds of thousands of years, or millions of years; there will be times in Earth’s history when the temperature is either lower or higher than what we have now. That is natural.
However the “hype” that man is causing recent global warming is something that most people around the world accept. The science is pretty much indisputable on this. Personally I have doubts if mankind is willing to decrease our carbon footprint to a point where we would have significant impact on global warming but that does not change the fact that its our fault that it is happening.

Gar said...

On one hand you say it's "natural" that in earth's history the temperatures have been warmer or colder than it is now. Then, you say man is causing this one? That's a pretty egotistical attitude. I think mother nature does just about anything she wants.

The recent volcano in Iceland released 150,000 tons of CO2 per day.

Ghost said...

Sorry Gar but I disagree with you totally on this matter. Mother Nature may do what she wants but to say mankind has no affect on the environment is wrong.
The report you link to chart the temperature difference from the Ice Age to what it is now in the present day. Quite naturally when you compare the temperature from now to the Ice Age, there will be an increase in the temperature. That is why I say selecting the last Ice Age for comparison is misleading. If I select Earth 30 million to 100 million years ago, when global temperatures averaged about 29 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels, does that mean since that time the Earth has been undergoing global cooling?
No. The age of Earth is approximately one-third of the age of the universe and there had been immense geological and biological changes within that time span. That is natural.
However that does not mean mankind is not responsible for the rise in temperature in recent decades. The volcano in Iceland may have released 150,000 tons of CO2 per day but that pale in comparison to the emission of man. China released 7,031,916 tons of CO2 and the U.S released 5,461,014 tons of CO2 per year. That may not seem like much compare to the volcano per day but the volcano only released emission for a few days, a month at the most. Mankind released millions of tons of CO2 per year for decades!
It is not ego that causes me to say mankind is responsible for global warming. It’s an acceptance of the truth that it is our fault it is happening.

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