Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Raffles Place?

I can understand what the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in America is about. Big banks got huge corporate bailouts, their CEOs got massive bonuses, but it has failed to get the economy going and now the corporate bigwings refused to pay higher taxes despite getting the bailouts. So I do understand the movement.

And I also understand that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in America has shown surprising strength. However, anyone who believes there is even a remote chance of it happening here in Singapore needs his head checked.

I don’t know what was funnier; the call by some people to “Occupy Raffles Place” or the police reaction to it. The police quickly issued a statement stating that any gathering at Raffles Place is unlawful and they will be label as anarchists by the mainstream media.

Why bother? I ask that because the majority of Singaporeans are not interested in social causes. We are a money-making, money-grabbing, money-everything capitalist society. We are infamous for this; our people are ranked right up there with people from Hong Kong for god sake and you think Singaporeans will “Occupy Raffles Place” like in America?

Dream on people! I have a better chance of hitting Toto than that happening. This is Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Your reverse psychology don't bring real changes... only more attempting to be heros.

Ghost said...

What reverse psychology? I'm just saying the truth; Singaporeans just don't care. It's a fact.

bluexpresso said...

I don't think we are ranked up there with Hong Kong. According to the World Charity Index, Hong Kong ranks 18 while Singapore ranks 91.

Ghost said...

Uh...what does the World Charity Index has to do with Occupy Raffles Place?