Thursday, March 14, 2013

Comics this week

Threshold #3- Give writer Keith Griffen credit; the man has guts. 2 issues in and there’s already a truckload of characters in the series but what does the man do? He bought in more characters like Lonar. Yes; as in Lonar, a New God of New Genesis. Introducing him bought things to a whole new level as we saw that the people of Tolerance don’t really believe he is a god. The “Hunted” fan-site on the first page is a good idea and I hope to see more of that if the story stays on Tolerance. One thing I could do without is this current trend DC has of splitting work between artists! On the Hunted section of Threshold, the first 10 pages are by Tom Raney, while the next 10 are by Phil Winslade. Both artists did a good job but this is one trend I don’t understand the need for and I hope DC would stop doing it ASAP. Get one artist for the whole issue.

Demon Knights #18- The whole crew is back together! Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, Jason Blood and at the end, Vandal Savage has rejoined the knights and now it’s time for the fated battle against Cain and his vampire horde. Not a moment too soon because writer Robert Venditti spend the better part of this issue on a less than enthralling reunion between Exoristos and her Amazon sisters. Considering that Exoristos is the least interesting character in the whole team, this was something I could have done without. I also have to say artist Bernard Chang’s work is very uneven in this issue. On some pages, his work is fine; on others, it’s terrible. He need to be more consistent in his work.

 Bloodshot #9- The attack on Project Rising Spirit is, thankfully, finally over. Writer Duane Swierczynski had a plan going into this as by the end, the issue set things up nicely for “The Harbringer Wars”, Valiant’s first crossover first the company restarted a year ago. In many ways, that seen to be the problem for this story arc; there’s just too much time spent spinning wheels. The pacing slowed in this arc, and that’s painful to watch considering how breakneck the pace was in the first arc. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but hopefully the coming crossover would bring the series back.  

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