Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will People Turn Up?

On February 16th, around 4,000 people showed up at Hong Lim Park to protest against the Population White Paper. The protest was groundbreaking as it was the first political protest in Singapore for a long long time. 

On May 1st, the event organizer of the protest, Mr. Gilbert Goh, will hold another protest against the White Paper at the same location. The second protest will be held on Labour Day, a public holiday in Singapore, and it seems clear that the organizers are hoping to get even more people to attend this protest.

Personally, I questioned if that will happen.

The main problem I see is that the White Paper was passed in February. It is now March and the second protest will be held in May. As they say; time heal all wounds, and although people are still angry about the White Paper, would 4,000 people turn up for the same cause in May? 

I guessed time will tell. 

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