Friday, August 29, 2014

Nine-year-olds with Uzis

In the U.S, a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot dead a gun instructor at a shooting range. No question this was an accident and a tragedy, but after finding out more about the story, I have to say this was an accident waiting to happen.

I say this because the nine-year-old girl accidentally shot dead the gun instructor with an Uzi sub-machine gun during a private gun lesson. Sorry but who in the world thought it would be a good idea for a nine-year-old to touch an Uzi? Now I can understand that it's a cultural thing in America for people to shoot. I understand there's a gun culture there much like there's a martial arts culture here in Asia, but letting a nine-year-old get a hold of a sub-machine gun? That is just asking for trouble.

As a guy who was in the army and shot before, I can say from experience that nine-year-olds have no business touching sub automatic weapons. Even the idea of it sounds stupid. If America don't want such a tragedy to happen again, they need to have some laws (maybe an age limit) against such lessons. Nine-year-olds have no need to learn how to fire an Uzi. 

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