Monday, September 1, 2014

Comics this week

Sinestro #5- This is a strange issue. Sinestro met up with Hal Jordan and after a long talk, they have the expected slugfest…which Sinestro won with ease by releasing Parallax? Wait a minute, isn’t Parallax dead? Didn’t it die at the Source Wall along with the rest of the entities in the fight against Relic? Yet all this time, it is still within Sinestro? So what was that thing at the Source Wall pretending to be Parallax? Geoff Johns and Jim Lee need to meet with writer Cullen Bunn on this and come up with a proper explanation. Looks like a case of a severe lack of editorial oversight here.

Rai #4- Following it's stunning debut issue, Rai has been mostly failed to live up to its potential. That is until this issue! #4 of Rai has the protector of Japan going off the grid, something he thought impossible, to investigate the truth of his creation. Writer Matt Kindt goes back to what made #1 works; intelligent world-building, a deep sci-fi story, and enough mystery to keep the story engaging. Artist Clayton Crain once again nailed it, giving us a gorgeous look at life in 41st century Japan especially the dark ruthless side of utopia. A wonderful issue!

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