Saturday, April 14, 2007

Comics this week

52: Week 49- 3 issues to the end. As expected, the writers are busy finishing off all the existing storylines. This issue sees the end for Egg Fu and the scientists on Oolong Island by...Will Magnus and his Metal Men! Yes, Magnus was the one who did it. But this issue is really another set-up for the war and bloodshed of the upcoming WWIII. After 3 set-up issues, WWIII can't come fast enough.

Loners #1- This book has a fascinating concept. A bunch of D-List heroes who are trying their hardest to give up their masked lives. Easier said than done when you have so much power in your hand. The concept is interesting, unfortunately the execution was not. The art in the second half of the issue was terrible (it looked like Karl Moline was in a rush to meet the dateline). However, I will be back to see how the series go. The Heroes Anonymous meeting was great and I loved to see how the concept play out.

Nova #1- After Annihilation (the best Marvel event series last year), the Nova Corps were gone. Only one Nova is left. Of course, only surviving member is the Earth Nova. Richard Rider is taking on the responsibilities of the entire army, but one man is not an army and he learn that in this issue. I admit I'm not a big fan of Nova, I only pick this up due to the great Annihilation series. This book is well done but will NOT make me a fan. There is a lack of showing who Rider is. For a new reader to Nova, that's a problem. Yes, his shoulder is heavy with responsibility. Yes, he is trying to live up to the legend that is the Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force that has been around for eons. But who is Richard Rider? Who is he outside the mask? Does he have a life outside being Nova? These are questions the writers never answered. I'll give this book a few more issues to hook me, but after Annihilation, this was disappointing.

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