Saturday, April 21, 2007

Environmental Industry has no chance in Singapore

I hope Tony Tan was joking. Dr Tony Tan, Chairman of the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore, said that Singapore is aiming to develop into a centre for research in environmental sustainability. In case anyone is wondering what that means, it means that Singapore is going to aim to develop long-term solutions for the supply of water and clean energy for the environment.

I know the reason for doing this is the expected 11,000 jobs that are going to be created, but it is just a waste of money. Singapore is in no position to aim for an environmental industry. I mean
Singaporeans are already screaming bloody murder for paying 10 cents for a plastic bag (due to Bring Your Own Bag Day), and you hope to have a thriving environment industry here! How can we have a successful environmental industry when Singaporeans don't care about the environment? Let's throw the money at a industry that has a chance of success in Singapore because the environmental industry have no chance here. I wish I am wrong, but that's just the truth.

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