Friday, October 5, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #30- I know Countdown is the 'spine of the DCU' but that doesn't mean the writers should skip the action all over the place! Last we saw, Piper/Trickster were running after crashing Black Canary bachelorette party, the issue starts with them in a cave where several heroes and villains are duking it out. How they got into this position? Why are they fighting? Your guess is as good as mine because there was no explanation at all! Add 2 page cameos for the Jimmy Olsen storyline (which is getting more stupid by the page), Holly and Harley's Amazon adventure (which was kind of amusing this week), Karate Kid's illness (one word: BORING), the saving grace this week is The Challengers From Beyond storyline (aka Jason Todd/Donna Troy/Bob). I admit I'm a sucker for 'elsewhere' stories, and this week they hit a Earth where they ARE the Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern of the world. Oh, and General Zod is Superman! Yes, kind of cute in a way but one segment cannot save the mess. I expect more and better for my money.

Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer - Crime Society #1- Last week we saw The Challengers of Beyond pop into Earth 3 and their fight against the Crime Society. This issue is a tour of the Earth 3 like the Wildstorm book was, instead writer Sean McKeever choose to focus on the back-story of the Jokester, Earth 3's version of the Joker, one of the few heroes left in Earth 3. McKeever turned the Joker story on it's head and the Clown Prince of Crime's origin story was a load of fun. Now if only Countdown can follow it's own spinoffs.

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