Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Singaporeans do not support sanctions

Singapore has up the pressure and has now openly "advised" Southeast Asian nations NOT to impose economic sanctions on Myanmar despite the political upheaval there last month.

In theory, the reason is that this is because such sanctions will not be effective but everyone knows the real reason...Singapore has a lot of money in Myanmar. Singapore is now effectively the pointman for Myanmar to stop sanctions. Never mind the hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who are now dead because of the guns of the junta, in Singapore money is king!

The Singapore leaders are right! On this, I believe they are in line with what most Singaporeans are thinking. Despite what the Western governments say; no matter how high the death toll is; Singaporeans do not care about dead bodies in Yangoon or any other cities in Myanmar. Just take a look at Singapore news, you will hardly see a single Singaporean supporting sanctions. Why? Because Singapore has over a billion dollars in investments there, and that is what Singaporeans truly care about.

The generals in Myanmar can kill a couple more thousands people, and no one here will care. In Singapore, money is the be-all and end-all. This is not a rant; just facts!

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