Sunday, October 14, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #29- The one thing I'm still interested in Countdown lately is the 52 Earths. This week, the Challenger of the Beyond travel to Earth-8, home of Lord Havok. Of course, Havok only last long enough to be taken in by Monarch and his new army. Yawn! The problem is that none of the stories are really moving; Piper/Trickster are talking in a diner; Holly Robinson is finally on the Amazonian Island; God knows what Jimmy Olsen is doing; Mary Marvel is becoming more and more evil; Karate Kid has his 2 pages...that's it! Move the story already.

Black Adam: The Dark Age #3- Black Adam was the surprise star of 52, the Black Adam mini-series continued the trend. The phenomenal first two issues were great, sadly this third issue does not live up to the first two. One thing different in this issue is that the writer Peter Tomasi no longer give you a psychological view of Black Adam. Instead, it's throwdown time as Black Adam go up against Hawkman. (Why Hawkman believe he has a chance against Black Adam is something I rather not think about). Outside the fight, there's a long talk between Black Adam and Felix Faust on how to bring Isis back from the grave. Also the JLA discuss their plans to capture the fugitive villain, but the most interesting thing was the surprise introduction of Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Why are they here? Uhm...very interesting.

Nova #7- As the Annihilation Conquest mini is coming up, all the the various tie-ins are spiraling downwards to their respective conclusions. Having dispatched Ko-Rel last issue, Nova and Gamora continue to carry out missions for the Phalanx. The death of a follow Nova however gave Richard the will and the strength to fight back against the Phalanx technophage. After that, the Worldmind and Nova escape from Kree space to...the other side of the universe? How is Nova suppose to be in Annihilation Conquest when he's on the wrong side of the universe? Guess I have to pick up the next issue to find out.

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