Sunday, December 30, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #18- After months of fruitless searching, Countdown finally manage to close one of the more annoying stories. Yes, the Challengers had found Ray Palmer. Now we may finally find out why The Atom is so important. After all the travelling, it better be good. There is a battle between Mary Marvel and Eclipso (yes, they are still fighting), why they are fighting (outside the fact Mary Marvel is now a bitch) isn't quite clear and hopefully the writers will clean that on up soon. As the series closes, more answers are coming. After the less than impressive series so far, they better be real good.

Avengers: The Initiative #8- One of the major problems I have with this book is how do you determine which hero require training by the Initiative Camp Hammond? Diamondback require training? She's been around for years! The other major development is the fact that the camp's new drill instructor is Taskmaster. That is a good idea as it actually make sense. Taskmaster trained villains, why not heroes? The MVP story seems to be closing and it doesn't look good for the camp. You reap what you sown. That will be interesting.

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