Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is Edison a victim?

After a month in hiding, Edison Chen has finally returned to Hong Kong. The actor, who is at the centre of an Internet sex photos scandal, has finally admitted that he took the photos.

Too little, too late; I’m afraid. Even though he has apologized for the explicit photographs, Edison has realized this and announced his retirement from the Hong Kong entertainment scene. The biggest problem Edison has was the sad fact that no one think of him as a victim. I think he IS a victim but while most people felt sorry for the ladies involved and the problems they faced (Gillian Chung’s career seems to be pretty much over); they don’t feel the same way for Edison. As the one who took the pictures/videos, most people think he was asking for it. Running away at the height of the storm didn’t help his cause at all.

Luckily for Edison, he has a budding career in America. A role in the upcoming ‘The Dark Knight’ can (maybe) save his acting career, but in Asia, it will take some time before he can return to the top.

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