Friday, February 1, 2008

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis 13- It took awhile, but Countdown has finally got going. The issue is mainly on the fight between Superman-Prime and Monarch. These two overly-powerful villians duke it out in a fight that destroyed not only the city, the world, but totally everything! Also, there's an appearance from Darkseid and what the Final Crisis truly is. I know I'm soundly like a broken record here but the best thing about this issue is still the lack of Holly Robinson, Jimmy Olsen & company. Keep them away and this series might actually have a decent end.

Black Adam: The Dark Age #6- By far the best spin-off out of 52, Black Adam: The Dark Age reach its' end this issue. As this final issue proves, Black Adam deserve its' own ongoing series NOW! This is thinking the writer Peter Tomasi agrees on because the issue is filled with plots that are just begging to be finished. This unfortunately is also part of the problem here. There just isn't an end to the story in this mini-series, and that makes me feel bad. As the the last issue of the mini, there should be a better end to this, thus far, great mini. However, if this get Black Adam his ongoing series complains here.

Avengers: The Initiative #9- This issue connect the past and the present from last issue in a surprising but very decent way. I'm not very happy about yet another clone in the Marvel U, but in a way it made sense here. If there's anyone in Camp Hammond who want to kill Yellowjacket and everyone there, it will be MVP. Okay, a clone of MVP but it still make sense! We also see why Taskmaster is both the best & worst drill instructor at Camp Hammond. Again, something that works and make sense. Wow, is this a Marvel comic? Not happy about Thor Girl's fate though. Thor Girl, we barely know you.

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