Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comics this week

Trinity #8- You know how I had complained about the non-stop lectures by Kurt Busiek on how different Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman truly are? You remember how I liked last week’s issue of Trinity because the main story was finally going somewhere? This week Kurt Busiek had combined the two. However, it wasn’t that bad as we finally get to see what Morgan Le Fey and Enigma are up to. The forming of the second Trinity was interesting but I think the story and explanations were a little out there even for a comic book. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the core of all 52 universe in the DCU; that’s a funny one to take.

Avengers Initiative #15- One big problem with mega crossovers like Secret Invasion is that readers are pushed out of their series with something that might not have anything to do with their series. To be fair, Dan Slott and Christos Gage had largely avoided this and had continued to put out some very good issues despite Secret Invasion…till now. The issue has 3-D Man being helped out by the Skrull Crusader, before being betrayed by him. Hey, he’s a Skrull. The rest of the issue shows where Crusader stands on the invasion, and why he is betraying his race. A nice good story but I can’t help but feel that this story was pushed to the forefront due to the invasion. The rest of the cast were forgotten due to this and I feel that was a huge problem.

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