Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Taxi Problem in the CBD

After new Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges were introduced in Singapore’s city centre (again), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has proudly said that travel speeds and traffic conditions in the city centre have improved.

Of course it had improved, because no one is using them. However, I foresee a little problem for the new ERP gantries- taxi drivers. With the new gantries in place, I think less taxis will enter the CBD which sort of make nonsense the recent ruling of a $3 surcharge for picking up passengers in the CBD area. Think about it: $3 surcharge for picking up passengers in the CBD will be immediately offset by the new ERP rates.

Less taxis will enter the CBD because of this new ERP rates. Taxis won’t go in unless they are certain to get a fare. I foresee long lines in the taxi-stand at Funan and City Hall as the taxis will not want to pass the new gantry at Boat Quay.

So instead of encouraging people to take public transport, the new gantries might actually take away a form of public transport from the public. Food for thought for the LTA.


Anonymous said...

I nvr agree wif the stupid cab subcharge.. if cab dun go into CBD area, ppl will call for cab.. thus paying oredi the so-call call cab fee. So why still need the CBD subcharge??

Ghost said...

Actually I thought the taxi subcharge was a good idea. More taxis cruise in the CBD will it came into place. And you can almost always find a taxi at any taxi-stand. No more of that with the new ERP