Thursday, July 24, 2008

No to Nuclear Power

People all over the world are thinking of ways to lower their dependence on oil. Everything from solar power to wind power to electricity has been mooted. As a pretty open-minded person, I’m all for all the methods mentioned. All but one; nuclear power is a ‘no’ for me.

Some people are all for nuclear power as it is clean, efficient and relatively cheap compare to other alternative source of power. However, an accident in France recently showed exactly why I’m against nuclear power. About 100 employees were contaminated by a leak at a reactor site in southern France. Now the operators of the site tried to say that the employees were just "slightly contaminated", but when you are exposed to radiation; I am of the thinking that there’s no such thing as ‘low contamination’.

This was the third incident at a French nuclear site in recent weeks and this is in France. I hate to think what would happen if some second or third world country exactly decided to start a nuclear reactor. (Yes Indonesia, I’m talking about you)

So when it comes to nuclear power, I say ‘NO”!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that nuclear power is clean. The water that is used to cool the reactor will become radioactive too. And how is it going to be disposed of?

Chances are it'll end up going back into the water cycle of the earth and we'll end up drinking it. Maybe some will die from it in the long run, and some... well, maybe they'll mutate or have offsprings that are deformed. It's scary to even thing about this.

Ghost said...

Actually I read that there was a test (I don't remember from where) that state that nuclear power is cleaner than fossil fuel. However, when I think of the danger, I don't think its worth it.