Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comics this week

Secret Six #6- What? That’s it? After the last page reveal of who Junior was last issue, that’s all she/it did this issue! After the shocking twist of who she was and how she was related to a member of the Six, this is it? It’s disappointing to say that least.

Secret Warriors #1- I’ll say this upfront; I don’t understand why so many people love the Nick Fury character. However I can understand the appeal of the concept of this series. An old warhorse teaching/turning a bunch of young, inexperienced kids into a group of warriors. That concept is always interesting. Spinning out of Secret Invasion, Nick Fury has decided to go rogue and has put together a new team for his own personal use. I was a little disappointed that we saw so little of the Secret Warriors, but this is the first issue and this is a series on Nick Fury, so I will give Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli a pass here. However if I am to collect this series, they will need to show more of the Warriors. It’s a solid first issue, but nothing outstanding.

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