Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lui Tuck Yew Obviously Do Not Read My Blog

When Yio Chu Kang Member of Parliament Seng Han Thong got set on fire last month, I called for a heavy sentence on the attacker. I state that I do not care what illness or madness the attacker has because he must be heavily punished for the attack. I even state that people who disagree with this are idiots! Over 60 comments were posted on this matter, and I had to defend my stand here.

So when Senior Minister of State (Information, Communication and the Arts) Lui Tuck Yew said in parliament that the blogging community didn’t do enough to rebut ‘outrageous’ comments on the burnt MP; all I can say is that Mr. Lui obviously do not read my blog.

I am so sad about that. Can someone please direct the Senior Minister of State (Information, Communication and the Arts) to my blog so that he can read and understand that there are more than one set of views on the internet.

Just as there are some who clap their hands at the attack (btw, I still think you guys are idiots), there are those who have different views on the incident. Blogging is about putting your views for other people to see and the Internet community is not here to be either helpful or unhelpful to the Singapore government. Bloggers put their view across on the internet for the general public!

Some are pro-opposition while others (like me) are more than willing to take the Singapore government’s stand on certain issues. The internet is open for all and we don’t need any “higher degree of self-regulation” because there are all sorts of views here. Simply put: If Senior Minister of State (Information, Communication and the Arts) Lui Tuck Yew seems to believe that there is only one view (anti-government) on the internet, he is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Three possibilities:

1. Mr Lui has an axe to grind for all the furrows stirred up by the netizens (must score points with his own party)

2. He needed to say something about this incident because it is his duty to do so (saying for the sake of saying)

3. He has a lobsided perspective towards the netizen community as a whole.

If he can be more objective in his assessment, and tackful in his remarks, I'm sure he'll win the support of those who sympathised with Mr Seng. But I'm afraid his negative comments, like those of Mr Charles Chong, will earn him the ire of otherwise neutral netizens.

Ghost said...

That's my point. He was un-objective. Although I agree that most of the comments on the net were not for Mr.Seng, that doesn't mean the netizens are pro-opposition. To me, rightly or wrongly, idiots they might be, it's just their views.

Blue said...

I am quite certain he does read your blog. In a manner of speaking. ;)

Anonymous said...

come on, he didnt say that there was only ONE view being expressed on the net. He was merely showing his disappointment at those who took a negative attitude towards it.