Sunday, February 22, 2009

Comics this week

Guardians of the Galaxy #10- The gurus of the Marvel cosmic universe, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, have a lot to keep up with in Guardians of the Galaxy. The current team met up with Starlord finally and rescue both him and Jack Flagg from the over-run 42 prison. The story of Adam Warlock and the Universal Church of Truth is interesting but with the team spilt all over the place, Phyla-Vell and Drax were MIA this issue. Inevitable considering how many threads there are ongoing, but there's no rush job on the art this issue. Hopefully this is something they can keep up.

Stormwatch #19- Stormwatch and the Authority fight to save the Carrier, and Jackson King finally get to show why he is considered one of the most powerful people on Earth. He seems more powerful than I remember but that's good. Stormwatch need all the help they can get and between him and Winter, Stormwatch has 2 powerhouses. The back-story in this issue was a highlight for me. Usually I find it pretty interesting to know what happen to some of the minor characters in the Wildstorm world, and I have always like Max Faraday. His powers are pretty interesting. Like to see him and Tao go at it.

Street Fighter IV #1- I collect this because it is a first issue and I always like to give them a chance to impress me. Udon did a smart move in this issue; the story evolves around the new fighters in the Street Fighter universe. No Ryu, Ken or Chun Li here, the story is on Abel and the double agent Crimson Viper. With a new game and new characters, I think having stories on the newer characters (as opposed to another telling of the main characters) is a smart move. Pretty impressive #1 really.

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