Friday, March 20, 2009

Comics this week

Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li #2- I haven’t seemed it yet, but every review I’ve read says that the Chun Li movie was bad. Unfortunately, it seems to have infected the comics as well. After a solid issue 1, this issue was a disappointment. In the SF lore, the fight between the two was hard-fought with Go dying in the end, but not before finding a weakness and taking Sagat’s eye. The fight between Go and Sagat in this issue was just too one-sided. There just wasn’t any tension in the fight, even when Go finally took the eye it was more due to Sagat’s mistake than anything else. Outside the fight, the story was almost non-moving. We get a few scenes showing the friendship between Po Lin and Chun Li, which no one cares about, and a few scenes on Chun Li’s father. That’s it. Poor follow-up after a solid #1.

Stormwatch #20- Jackson King is the leader of Stormwatch, and that means he is the one who has to make the hard decisions. The hard decision this issue concerns the injured Fuji and what he is willing to risk for the greater good. The issue however is really a set-up issue for Stormwatch’s coming fight against the Night Tribes. The Night Tribes has conquered Europe and the vampires are now eyeing Asia. A beat-down Stormwatch is the only chance the world has to fight them. Kind of make you glad you are not living in the Wildstorm world.

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