Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Be The World's No. 1

Reading through the news today, I discovered that according to the latest survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore is now the 10th most expensive city in the world.

Moving up five positions from the last survey, Singapore is now Asia’s third most expensive city to live in with only Tokyo and Osaka in front of us. Now before anyone complain about Singapore being expensive, remember that being expensive mean that we are doing well. Forget about the possible -10% GDP this year, Singapore is still great.

Keep this up and Singapore may become the MOST expensive next year. For those who don’t think Singapore can overtake Japan, just remember we are in the midst of a global economic crisis right now. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik was the fifth most expensive city last year but this year, they are in 67th place.

WE CAN DO IT! Next year, we will be 1st in the world! The most expensive city in the world, Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Being expensive does not mean we are doing well. Japan's economy is hardly in good shape. Tokyo and Osaka top the list because of the expensive yen right now.

Ghost said...

Don't worry, this is Singaproe! We can beat them, just watch our Singapore dollar rise