Wednesday, March 25, 2009

World Baseball Classic

On ESPN, I saw the finals of the World Baseball Classic. For people who have no idea what the hell is the World Baseball Classic, it is basically the World Cup of baseball. Don’t ask me why they don’t call it the World Cup, I have no idea.

Let me just say that my baseball knowledge is limited. I can tell you the difference between a homerun and a single, but the difference between a slider and a curveball is beyond me.

However seeing the Korean and Japanese national battling it out in the finals (no U.S., no Cuba), you can clearly see how much they want to win the finals. I heard the commenter say that this is the 4th meeting between the two teams in the tournament (they must do something about that) and if the rest of their matches were as intense as this, the World Baseball Classic might be around a long time. Even for a non-player like me, it was a good spectacle.

In case you are wondering, Japan won the game 5-3 in extra inning (extra time) when their star player Ichiro Suzuki won it for them. The eruption of joy from the Japanese was something else.

That’s how sports should be like.

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