Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Grand Design

Ever since he wrote "A Brief History of Time" is 1988, British physicist Stephen Hawking has been known as one of the world’s foremost physicist and scientist. In his latest book "The Grand Design," which he co-authored with U.S. physicist Leonard Mlodinow, Hawking has a new series of theories to give to the world.

A lot of press had been given to his remarks in the book that there is no creator of the universe and the "Big Bang" was a result of the laws of physics. The fact that the foremost scientist of our time has went on record to say there is no God and that God did not create the universe has made a lot of people (and not just the religious) very uncomfortable.

It also completely overshadowed a more important message he has I’m afraid. Hawking says that mankind’s future lies in the stars and not on Earth as we are quickly using up Earth finite resources. Hawking argued that if we do not enter space then mankind will run out of resources on Earth and could face extinction.

A warning of our extinction by the foremost scientist of our time but yet we humans are more interested in the argument of whether there is a God in the universe. God help us all!


Anonymous said...

There was no need to bring God into the picture at all.
Brilliant scientists like Hawking and Dawkins should stick to science and inspire Mankind instead of sowing unnecessary discord.

Instead their actions will only fuel anti-intellectualism and swell members of Creationists (and their likes) and hinder the scientific progress.

Ghost said...

However if scientists like Charles Darwin didn’t question God, the theory of evolution and natural selection would never been told and mankind would be poorer of it. Darwin's scientific discovery is afterall the one unifying theory behind all of life sciences