Thursday, June 12, 2014

Comics this week

Astro City #13-What happen when a god of music, love and merriment comes to a well-run city like Astro City? Total chaos as writer Kurt Busiek crafted a magical tale of a god summoned to Astro City and the chaos he caused just by his very presence. You probably will get confused by this issue, as usual Busiek’s writing takes no prisoners, but once you get pass the hump, you’ll find an issue full of the usual quirky excellence of Astro City.

Green Lantern Corps #32- I find the “Uprising” crossover to be a case of 2 halves. On the main GL title, it is pretty okay; when the crossover reached the GLC title, things are less fine. The art by Bernard Chang was sloppy and has all the looks of a rush job. It is especially poor when you consider how well put together the story by writer Van Jansen is. Sodam Yat’s understanding that he was the cause for the destruction of his world and species could have been great in the hands of a good artist with time to do the job. Too bad it was not the case here.

Superman/Wonder Woman #9- Thank goodness I never follow the “Doomed” crossover! The summary on the front page gives me a good rundown on how the crossover is doing and I dig the idea of Superman going into space, but I’m just waiting for the crossover to be over.

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