Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup 2014- The Group Stage

The World Cup countdown continues and this time I will give you the breakdown of the groups and who I think will get through to the second round.

Group A
Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

It’s not for no reason people are saying Brazil have been given an easy group. This Mexican team is the worst in living memory (so say the Mexican people themselves) and neither Cameroon nor Croatia is going to cause the Brazilians much problems. As it is held in Brazil, I think Cameroon will probably join Brazil in the second round.

Group B
Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

People are saying Group B is a very strong group but for the life of me, I just don’t get it. I think Spain and the Netherlands will go through this group with ease. The Aussies and Chileans have no chance.

Group C
Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

A very tight group with all 4 teams capable of getting results and going through to round 2. With the Toure brothers and Didier Drogba in the team, Ivory Coast is the favorite but it’s hardly a sure thing. I think Japan could join them there.

Group D
Uruguay, England, Italy, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the whipping boy of the group but the other 3 teams are not only capable of going into the second round, they are capable of going far into the tournament. However with the injury to Luis Suarez, Uruguay’s chances have taken a huge hit so I will take England and Italy to go through.

Group E
Switzerland, France, Honduras, Ecuador

I would say this is the easiest group of them all. I don’t rate this French team very highly and although Switzerland is a very well-drilled, organized side, they don’t have any top world-class player. Honduras is too weak to be considered a threat while Ecuador only plays well at home. However 2 teams have to go through, so I will take France and Ecuador.

Group F
Argentina, Bosnia, Nigeria, Iran

Barring some miracle from God, Argentina will go through this group. Bosnia-Hercegovina has Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko while Nigeria are the African Champion. You also can’t ignore Iran but I think it will be Nigeria joining Argentina in the second round.

Group G
Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

Will Cristiano Ronaldo be ready for Portugal? That’s the main question in this group as the World Player of the Year will carry his country’s hopes on his shoulders. The Germans will go through to round 2 and if Ronaldo is fit, Portugal will join them. If he is not, then it’s open season with Ghana having a very good chance.

Group H
Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

Belgium has some world-class players like Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany and Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, but Russian coach Fabio Capello has got his team to play in a very compact style. This is a tough group to call with Algeria and South Korea being tough be beat but I have to go with Russia and Belgium. 

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