Thursday, June 26, 2014

Comics this week

Deadly Class #6- After 5 issues of sex, drugs and death, the ending came with a sad whimper. The road trip from hell hit the fan as Chico finally made his move against Marcus; it’s all very bloody as artist Wes Craig has fun showing the beatdown Marcus took. Now if only someone can tell me why the hell Chico didn’t kill Marcus? He has plenty of chances to do it; he’s a (cop) killer, yet he somehow wasted chance after chance to do Marcus in. Now I know Marcus is the main character here but writer Rick Remender needs to have a better plan of how to save Marcus’ ass than having his allies bored his enemy with talk. It’s been a great series and I look forward to the second in Sep, but the ending of this arc could’ve use some more work.  

Justice League #31- A draft? Lex Luthor figured out where the Batcave was because he felt a…draft? Now I can buy Lex figuring out who Batman is, but…a draft coming from the Batcave? I hope that was meant to be a joke by writer Geoff Johns because it’s too stupid to be anything else.   

Ms. Marvel #5- As I said on civilian-reader, writer Willow Wilson has put together a story of some rarity nowadays; a neighbourhood superhero trying to do her best despite being pretty low on the super-powered totem pole. In an era of big, bigger, biggest, Kamala Khan is cute, fun and interesting as she tries to “level up” (her words, not mine). In short, this series is refreshingly fun. 

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