Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stop Whining

You remember the seasonal Hello Kitty rush? Well, Transilink has decided to cash in on the crazy run by issuing limited edition Ezlink cards featuring different characters from Japan’s Sanrio.

The trick however is that certain designs are sold only at certain stations which means crazy fans/collectors have had to go to different stations and check at the Control Station to see what designs are available at that station. Naturally, Singaporeans (being the pampered lot that we are) are up in arms over having to hunt down different cards at different stations and many are venting on social media.

My advice to these pampered Singaporeans is to stop collecting.

Now I will admit I don’t find the design to be all that cute but Singaporeans need to understand that being frustrated come hand-in-hand with being a collector. Collecting things, especially limit edition stuff, is supposed to be fun and frustrating. Frustration is part of the process. You are frustrated at your inability to get the design you want, so when you finally get the item you need, your joy is much more acute.

So if you need to bitch about it online; stop collecting! Being a collector is definitely not for you.

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