Thursday, January 5, 2017

Comics this week

Justice League #12- I must say Maxwell Lord is a character I don’t usually get. Several writers think of him as a great villain but I just don’t get it. This issue at least changed my view a little on the character. Serving as a prequel to Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, this issue reintroduced the character to Rebirth and it was one hell of a reintroduction. Writer Tim Seeley got a good handle of the character and even gave us a good rundown on Checkmate. Outside a misstep at the end on Amanda Waller, this issue was excellent.

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #3- Taking a breather from the action, writer Joshua Williamson slowed things down by giving us some background on Max Lord’s team and their beef with Amanda Waller. There’s some interaction between the JL and the SS which reveals the characters of the teams and some of their history, but this issue is Lord’s team. In a way, not a lot happened in this issue and it is the weakest issue so far but everything must be put into context. It’s been a pretty solid series thus far. So after 2 issues, this is the first misstep of the series, but I would say it was a pretty minor one. Read it!

Moon Knight #10- Wooh! I thought this series was good before but I didn’t know what I was saying because this issue made the previous few issues looked like crap! Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood made magic as they dove into Moon Knight like never before, including how Marc Spector’s problems began all the way from his childhood. This is a must-read people; read it! 

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