Friday, January 6, 2017

Starhub Fiber Is Terrible!

Can you break a contract with a telcom if they provide bad to terrible service? I have to ask because ever since I signed up for the Starhub Fiber in August, I have been having non-stop problems with it.

The problem is that the internet connection is very inconsistent. I would be surfing, suddenly the connection would go down for a few seconds, before it would go back up. I didn’t keep count but I must have called their customer service over 20 times in these 4 months but the problem still persists. It is literally impossible for me to play online games when the problem happens and it seems Starhub has no idea what to do to fix it because it seems I’m not the only person with problem with their fiber.

You know what’s worse? I didn’t even want their fiber in the first place! I’m a long time subscriber to Starhub but I was using their cable connection. In August when I renew my contract, I wanted to have the cable but was told I can’t because everything was on fiber. Left with little choice, I signed up for fiber.

It was a terrible decision.

So a word of warning to all Singaporean out there; do NOT subscribe for Starhub fiber. It is shit. Go to another telcom if you need to, but do NOT go for the Starhub fiber. You will regret it. You have been warned.

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