Thursday, January 12, 2017

Money Talks

In 1998, FIFA expanded the World Cup from 24 teams to 32. Since then, the 32-team finals had been a staple of the World Cup. Not anymore! Gianni Infantino, who took over FIFA just 11 months ago, promised that he would repair the damage done during Sepp Blatter's tenure.

Well, you know what they say about election promises right? Seriously, what a blatant money grab move it was to increase the World Cup finals to 48 teams! Yes, I know Infantino say increasing the number of teams at the World Cup is so that more teams and countries can ”dream” but that’s total bull and everyone knows it. FIFA is doing this strictly for the money.

There’s no other reason for it since enlarging the World Cup to 32 teams will do nothing for the World Cup except diluting the quality of play. Since the World Cup was increased to 24, critics had complained that some unworthy teams have been sneaking their way into the tournament. Well, that problem is about to get a lot worse from 2026 onwards.

But who cares right? Money talks and new president or not, money is the only thing that matters in FIFA.

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