Saturday, March 31, 2007

Comics this week

52: Week 47- 5 more issue to go and boring as hell. That's says it all for this issue. Another set-up issue for the final 5 issues of this series. Everyone is looking for WWIII to start, instead we have a look at Animal Man (yawn), Steel (bigger yawn), Wonder Woman and Batman (why are they here?) & Batwoman (are the writers crazy?). The only saving grace is the scene on Oolang Island, there is something about a island full of crazy, mad scientists that just make the idea work. But where is Adam Strange? What is happening to Black Adam? 52 is the best selling comic DC has at the moment and I will say that Black Adam is the main reason for that. He has become the undoubt star of the series, put him on show or at least in the book. Boring.

Silent War- This book is false advertising because halfway through the mini-series and there is STILL no war! Where is the war or at least the fights? In fact, issue 3 of the series is mostly on X-factor and Quicksilver. And they aren't even Inhumans! Get the war started already.

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