Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It was always going to happen. Viacom Inc., the owner of MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and other cable networks filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Youtube and it's corporate owner Google.

When Google bought Youtube for $1.76 billion there were people who said that they were buying millions of dollars in lawsuits. It seems that they were right. In the lawsuit, Viacom says YouTube "harnessed technology to willfully infringe copyrights on a huge scale" and had "brazen disregard" of intellectual property laws (whatever that means).

I find it amazing that companies are suing Youtube when they (like Viacom) are selling such programs on the net. And when Youtube air things such as trailers for upcoming movies, they are great giving a big promotional boost for its shows. But when Youtube air the shows, then suddenly they are not 'respecting' the content. The companies openly admit this. I say MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! Either you are for Youtube for airing clips without permission or you are againest Youtube for airing clips without permission. That's simple right? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS

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