Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Value system?

Since everyone on the net is going at it, I thought I'll put in my two cents worth as well. A*Star Chairman Mr Philip Yeo had a spat with Chen Jiahao, a 25-year-old blogger. Mr Yeo invited Mr Chen, who is a PhD student and a former Public Service Commission scholar, to join him for tea. Mr Chen agreed to meet Mr Yeo for tea but wanted another party to be present and he also wanted to record their conversation and post it on his blog. So far so good, right?

Then Mr Yeo turned down the idea, saying that he did not want to be "interrogated" with the presence of a "witness" and have the conversation published. This to-and-fro then exchange continued on the net. Then the outgoing A*Star Chairman started questioning value system of S'pore youths, saying that his generation has a value system whereas the younger, present generation does not. He then say that if people don't have that, Singaporeans should forget about them and hire more hungry NON-Singaporeans to come here and add to our value system.

I have this to say to Mr.Philip Yeo. I am sure that a man of your talent will not no problem finding a country whose VALUE SYSTEM fits you. Please, if you like non-Singaporeans so much, immigration is an option. After all, you have said that we should forget about Singaporeans without VALUE and hire non-Singaporeans with VALUE. The only value I remembered being taught is the need to make money, and most young Singaporeans I know share this with me. If you do not want to care for your fellow Singaporeans whose value do not fellow yours, why should we care for you? Afterall our values are different, right?

So please, for the good of all of us, leave Singapore. And remember to close the door on the way out.

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