Saturday, July 7, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #43- This issue focus on one thing and one thing only; the funeral of the Flash, Bart Allen. So the problem I had last week happened this week as well. The Flash died on another title which I do not read! Don't get me wrong, this is a very well done hero funeral with some great scenes from Wonder Girl, Robin etc, but I don't care. Really, the pages devoted to Flash's service just mean that there are even less pages than normal for the development of the other storylines. Worse, there's no Mary Marvel this week. The horror...

New Warriors #2- The book seems to be in a team-building phase at the moment. Wind-dancer's journey from average waitress to rebel starts with a...dream? That is just weak. Sad because the rest of the issue works pretty well. The various groups react to the reforming of the New Warriors, with Iron Man and Wolverine making their moves on the new group. We even get to see Jubilee and what she has been doing since losing her powers on M-day. Boy, has she grown or what! This book has a solid foundation to start with, keep it coming.

Loners #4- I will happily admit this; I have never read a single Power Pack issue in my life and I'm damm proud of that fact! So C.B. Cebulski really did great work getting me interested in one of them, Julie Power. Yes, she has a stupid power (flying with a rainbow streak?) but Julie Power is more than that , and this issue was great showing (hinting) this. She has a secondary healing power, was the responsible one in her family and is gay. All in one issue. Great. Now if the team-building phase is out of the way, maybe we can finally see the team fighting together.

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