Saturday, July 14, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown 42- It's another mixed issue for Countdown. Good: a hoot seeing the Riddler advising clean cut Mary Marvel to go for anger management. Or to be exact, the formerly clean cut Mary Marvel. As usual, it was the best story in Countdown.
The bad: almost everything else. Jimmy Olsen has one page designing costumes for himself. The Trickster and Pied Piper got cuff together because...I have no idea! A shameless Batman cameo. Still no idea what Holly Robinson is doing. To be truthful; why the hell am I still reading this series?

Nova #4- What a shock! That last page! W-O-W! As a reader that has collected comics for over 10 years, WOW! The last page of this issue was great, sad, amazing, everything together. In 4 issues, the Nova crew has made Nova my must-buy series. WOW!

Stormwatch PHD #9- With Wildcats MIA, Auth...let just say that the Wildstorm relaunched is a guide for future comics company how NOT to launch a line. Rant over, this issue was pretty good. A surprise at the end which was a little too simple for my taste, but good overall as we get to see all the members of Stormwatch Prime & PHD. The interaction was a little forced at times, but hey, beggars for Wildstorm action can't be choosers.

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