Saturday, July 21, 2007

The iPhone that does not work

The most coveted gadget of the year! Users in the U.S. queued overnight to be the first few to own it and someone in Singapore already has it...even if it doesn't work!

Sadegh Mortazavy is that person and he was willing to hand over a thousand dollars to be the first person to own the iPhone in Singapore. And he knows it doesn't work! I was laughing my guts out when I saw the story on ChannelnewsAsia tonight.

I know the iPhone is a (supposed) revolution in mobile phone technology. A single button and a touch screen are all you need to make a call, surf the net, iPod music and much more. But people, what is the main use of a mobile phone? To make calls when you are outside the house! The iPhone can't do that now because current iPhones released for the US market are not compatible with Singapore's mobile phone network. And Sadegh wanted three iPhones'! Only after discovering that it doesn't work here, he decided to just get me one. "Should be enough for now" was what he said. To me, it was one too many.

I know Singaporeans loved status symbols. Cars, houses, certs of all kind; we love it to stand out from everyone else. The iPhone is but the latest, but do we Singaporeans loved them so much that we would spend good money on things that DOES NOT WORK? Hell, Sadegh had to tinker and hack into his iPhone to even began to access its many functions. And he still could not make a call. We don't even know if the iPhone is even that good of a phone as it is that new!

Still ChannelnewsAsia reported that a shop here will order 100,000 units of iPhones the moment it get approved from Singapore. Who cares if it isn't that good? The need to own one overrides everything, that seems to be the Singapore view. Nonsense, sad, but true.

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