Friday, July 20, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #41- Something strange has happened; Countdown has improved! The writers has finally decided to clean up some of the mess the book has been in recently. The Trickster/Piper story is becoming a buddy film with a huge dose of comedy in it. Comedy is what Jimmy Olsen is there for as well as we see his misadventures to develop a superhero identity. Stories are moving along nicely, which was more than you can say earlier in the series. Of course, not everything is good. Mary Marvel showed up for only 1 page sitting and thinking; if that is the case, why not DON'T show her at all? The story of Jason Todd, Donna Troy and "Bob" (that was cute), on their quest to find Ray Palmer still doesn't have anything foe me and oh, there's a new storyline. Karate Kid is staying on in this timeline, not sure why and don't ready care. Countdown is getting better, hope the improvement is for real this time.

Avengers: The Initiative #4- This issue come in with one bad thing before I even opened the book; it is a tie-in comics to the terrible World War Hulk event. Seeing that this is a fledgling series still struggling to get itself off the ground, I wondered why they bother with it but Dan Slott did a ggod job explaining everything. These guys are Avengers in training right? So it is natural that it tie-in to World War Hulk. The story starts with Hardball showing off a new power and stealing something from the base (villian in training?) and a surprise appearance from the dead MVP, then the War World Hulk story began. A tie-in that did not ignore previous issues? Good work!

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