Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Stupidity of Face

The lengths Singaporeans will go to for ‘face’ is something I think non-Asians will never understand. Sometimes even I, a Singaporean, can do nothing but shake my head at the stupidity of us Singaporeans.

There’s a true storm in a teacup in Singapore at the moment due to an upcoming movie “Ah Long Pte Ltd”. It ruffled a few feathers in Singapore because it’s a comedy about loan-sharks in Singapore. Produced by Jack Neo, it’s being accused of glamorizing the loan-sharks. It’s seems that some Singaporeans are worried about our image and how this movie will be a bad ‘influence’ on the young.

Isn’t this stupid? I’m no fan of Jack Neo comedies, in fact any comedies, but even I have to say he’s getting bad publicity for nothing. These people are worried about Singapore’s image and bad ‘influence’…from a comedy? There’s Rambo 4 in the Cineplex right now people. There’s bad violent influence for you. Where were your complains then? Singapore’s image? If Singapore’s image can be damaged a comedy then that’s saying more about Singapore than anything else, don’t you think?


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