Sunday, November 2, 2008

Comics this week

Reign in Hell #3- Neron return fire this issue as he destroyed one of hell’s province to show his power. I have to wonder, “Why the hell (pun intended) didn’t he do this in the first place?” That’s the danger when you have a few all powerful guys dueling it out for control. The surprise was in the end was unexpected, in a good way. The smackdown is just getting bigger

Avengers: The Initiative #18- Of all the Secret Invasion tie-ins, Avengers: The Initiative has done the best. The issue continues to follow the Skrull Kill Krew on their road trip across America to kill Skrulls and how they meet up with the first class of graduates of Camp Hammond. The Skrull sleeper agent was a surprise but it made sense, so that’s good and whoa, did Cloud 9 changed or what! In issue 1, she was a fun girl who uses her cloud powers to ride in the sky, now she is a cold-hearted sniper who uses her powers for cover so that she can shot enemies dead from the air. Tony Stark, you have a lot of explaining to do!

Nova #18- After a 1-2 issues of Secret Invasion tie-in hell, gears are changed and Nova is back! The return of Worldmind is most welcome by this reader as the super-computer again shows why Nova needs him. I’m not too thrilled by the return of Quasar (he had a wonderful death in Annihilation, why spoilt it?), but the writers actually tried to have a few throwaway lines on how he returned so that’s okay. As long as they ignore the Skrulls, Nova will go far.

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