Friday, November 21, 2008

Comics this week

Street Fighter II Turbo #2- One of the best thing about Udon's first Street Fighter series was how the company mix in the new with the old. The story remained the same but the SF series add in scenes that help the story stayed fresh (Ryu's meeting with Gen in the first series comes to mind). After a so-so first issue, Udon is working the same magic again. With art from Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz as it's solid backbone, the writing is now on the coming SF tournament. The plot remains the same, the start of the Street Fighter tournament, but you can see that Udon is trying to add depth to the story and I did enjoy that. I can't say this is a great issue, but they did enough for me to come back for more. And that's a good thing.

Stormwatch #16- Action begins now. After a few issues of Stormwatch facing off against rag-tag whatever, they finally has to face a force worthy of them. In this case, it's a doomsday machine that is over 30 years old. Ok, not that worthy but still better than a few survivors with guns! I'm glad to see the whole working together for once; I don't think there is enough of that, and how different Jackson King is now. Before the Worldstorm, he would have never made a call that endangered his team's lives unnecessary but he no longer has that luxury after the world has gone to hell. You need to be tougher if you want to put the world back together, and Jackson King show that he is up to the job.

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