Friday, November 7, 2008

Comics this week

Avengers: The Initiative Special #1- Of all the original cast of Initiative recruits, I always thought Hardball was the most interesting. Not because of the relationship between Hardball and Komodo, but because of his ties to Hydra. The inevitable double-cross happen this issue was anti-climatic. This issue isn't bad, don't get me wrong, but I was expecting so much more. But what we got was a mushy love-story and how Hardball chose Hydra because he don't want to 'drag down' Komodo. I know they are no longer in the main book but surely Dan Slott and Christos Gage can do better than this!

Secret Six #3- The story of the best henchmen in the DCU continue as the Secret Six make their play for the secret card that everyone wants. However, that's not what this series is about. This series is about how melting pot of characters in the team. The serious, the roguish, the perverted, and the tormented members of the team try their best not to kill each other while completing their mission. This time Cheetah and Bolt join in the fun as the team find out what the card is for. Boy, I can't wait to see how they will kill each other next issue.

Final Crisis: Resist- I haven't been too impressed by the various Final Crisis's tie-in projects so far. Outside Final Crisis: Submit, the others hasn't been too impressive. Resist isn't as good as Submit but it is one of the better Final Crisis tie-in so far. The story is about how Checkmate organized, or tried to organized, a resistance to Darkseid. I didn't collect Checkmate, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this book. Mr. Terrific showed why he is the smartest man in the world and I like the interaction between Snapper Carr and Cheetah. When heroes fall, it's up to the villains of the world to step-up and help. God help us all. The OMAC Project plot I can do without, never enjoyed it at all, but the virus zoo was great. First time I heard of it, but it was a brilliant idea. There's a certain tragic feel to the book which I also liked. Darkseid won, so the book should feel like a downer. Good feel, good story; good book.

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