Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comics this week

Avengers: The Initiative #20- Guess I was wrong, there is still one more final Secret Invasion tie-in. The final Avengers: The Initiative tie-in issue (hopefully) deal with the aftermath of the Skrull invasion. With the Fifty State Initiative in tatters, most of the members still alive at Camp Hammond so that means we get to see heroes we don’t usually see in the series. I don’t think we need more members on the team but this issue seems to be striking for the upcoming revamp. 3D-Man left for the Skrull Kill Krew; Ant-man leave for the Thunderbolts; Iron Man, War Machine are gone; so that leave Gauntlet in charge. A drill-sergeant turn commander of a base of superheroes, oh I can just see the fun we will be getting into.

Guardians of the Galaxy #8- The issue starts with showing how Star-Lord ended up in the Negative Zone. Ronan the Accuser seems to be bad being a villain again while someone in the Negative Zone finally thought of destroying the 42 prison. What took those guys so long? Comedy is also back as Rocket Raccoon and the main team got in the laughs explaining to the Bug what happened. I AM GROOT!

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