Friday, January 23, 2009

Comics this week

Guardians of the Galaxy #9- Jack Flagg? Never thought an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy will start off with Jack Flagg but here it is. With the warden and guards gone, the prisoners of the 42 were left to fend for themselves. Even when he is in a wheelchair, somehow Jack Flagg became the guy running things for the prisoners. Don’t know about that but it was cute seeing a naked Star-Lord being sent in by Blastarr to demand a surrender. The main team led by Rocket Raccoon is now the official comedy section of the book as they were played for laughs again. Now most people who read my blog know that I’m not really that into the art. To me, the story is more important. However I have to say that the art in this issue was especially bad. The last few pages looks like a rush job as the characters looks like they just had face transplants. Hope thing get better as the War of Kings is here.

Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li #1- With a movie starring Chun Li coming up, this series was kind of expected by me. Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li is a prequel showing her before she was known to Shadaloo. Think of it was a straight-forward origin series and you’ll get the idea. Her father even put in a delightful cameo appearance. Dan was shown as well, and the writers seem to be taking some liberty with the story as Dan is shown with his father in Hong Kong. That’s wasn’t how I remember it but I guess they had to change something to keep the story fresh. Instead of Dan getting his ass kicked by Sagat, it will be his father but I don’t really mind small changes like this. However who is Omar Dogan? I don’t remember his name but his artwork in this issue is very good. His lines were clean and the action sequences were solid. He looks like a solid artist with a future.

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