Monday, January 19, 2009

Timed to Perfection

In ancient days, war is just another form of politics. “Give me this, this and that or we will attack you.” After those times, war became a failure of politics. “Let’s try to come to an agreement or there will be war.” Nowadays things have changed to having war because of politics.

Nothing showcases this better than the conflict in Gaza. The actions of the Israeli thus far have shown that politicians will do anything to win the all-important elections. With 1 day left before Barack Obama enter the White House and the Israeli elections just over 2 weeks away, Israel has suddenly accomplished their mission in Gaza. Never mind that Hamas are still in control, that rockets are still falling, that Palestinian moderates have been seriously hurt by the attack; domestic Israeli politics rule all. The current Israeli government have turned from certain losers to would-be winners on Feb 10. Mission Accomplished!

There’s nothing wrong with timing war to start and end on a specific date, but usually people timed it accordingly to the seasons, the weather, even to harvest time. But that’s all in the past, in modern times war is timed to elections date. Talk about progress.


Fargoal said...

Good post. Very pertinent observation, I must say.

Additionally, the Israelis probably wanted to dispel any notion that the IDF was becoming "soft" following the inconclusive battle in Lebanon in 2006. What better way to show how tough Israeli soldiers can be?

Anonymous said...

What inconclusive battle in Lebanon? They lost in 2006!